The Playing, The Planning, The Protection - Job 1:1-12

In sports, watching tape of your opponent is encouraged! Boxing, football, basketball, tennis, etc! This system is put in place to know the character of what and/or whom you are up against!

The "Church" doesn't watch tape. We think the enemy we are up against can be beaten with a sprinkle of oil and a violent dance! Peter warned us in 1 Peter 5:8 to be sober and vigilant; sober because we can allow our minds to disrespect and underestimate our opponent! If we enter the fight intoxicated we can be easily devoured!

We "Learn" church and then we "Play" church! The only thing is, while we are playing, the enemy is planning! Satan doesn't play; no, not at all! He longs to destroy God's reputation and ultimately his creation!

God loves us so much that he constantly protects us from the ultimate plans of the enemy! I encourage you to "rejoice in the Lord alway: and again I say rejoice!" Rejoice for the marvelous things he has done!

"Work hard now so you can hardly work later!" ~Pastor Ronald Wilson

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