Remove The Leaven - Deut. 16:1-3

God commands his people to eat only unleavened bread every year during Passover to remember their Exodus from Egyptian bondage.

Time was not allotted for the bread to rise because of their hasty departure! Many instances in scripture, leaven is symbolic of sin. In the same manner, leaven works its way through dough, sin spreads in and through a person, community, and eventually a nation! This sin leads only to destruction and death! Whenever a little sin in a person or a church is permitted, overlooked, and compromised, it works much like leaven in bread. It will eventually leaven the whole lump, affecting the whole church or the whole world. This permitted sin will lead to other sins and will eventually draw a person or church completely away from the will of God! May we continue to celebrate Passover by removing all leaven (sin) from our lives with Christ's help! "Remove the leaven and serve the Lord with your whole heart!" ~Pastor Ronald Wilson

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