Something Good Is About To Happen To You! - John 5:1-9

The mind is amazing! The mind is a gift! Therefore, the mind is an amazing gift given from God to all humankind. When it comes to storing data, the mind taps into it's genius; and sometimes too well. There are some that have experienced so many tough times and their mind has found it tough to imagine or receive anything good ever happening in their life. Good news my friend! Something Good is about to happen to you! The man at the pool of Bethesda was there suffering disappointment after disappointment for 38 years. His time finally came and he experienced his "Good Thing!" He was made whole and his life shifted from an impotent state to being very potent! Allow your mind to receive that you're next in line for a miracle! " Bad things happens to good people but God's goodness outweighs it all!" ~Pastor Ronald Wilson

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