Our Soul Has Escaped! - Psalm 124:7

A fowler is generally known as a hunter of birds. In our case a fowler can be marked as anyone or anything which sets a trap with intentions to kill! In David's case, Saul became a fowler; Joseph's case the fowler was his brethren, Jezebel was Elijiah's fowler; and the list goes on.

I would like to bring to your attention how the scripture points out the word "ESCAPED!" Escaped is defined as an act of breaking free from confinement or control. With this being the case, in order for something to escape, it must first be captured and or confined! The bird in scripture is a trapped bird! The simile is evident; soul and bird! Just as the bird was captured, likewise our soul can become ensnared.

The miracle for the bird as well as for our soul is that the snare is broken before the fowler comes to kill it or to finish it off! Praise God for the times your soul was caught but he(Jesus) caused you to escape before the enemy finished you off!!!! Thank you Jesus!!!!! "Soul confinement has no chance against our soul redeemer!" ~Pastor Ronald Wilson

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