Accelerated Miracles - John 6:16-21

Accelerate- to reduce the time normally required for completion of a thing; to enable to complete a course in less than usual time; to hasten the progress or development of. As we posture ourselves under an open heaven, I believe God has released upon his body a miracle of acceleration. What took others years to get, I believe God wants to cut that time for you! Of course this miracle is based on condition. We must be willing to fully receive, surrender, and submit our will to Christ! As the disciples were yet a distance from shore, they opened their boat to receive Jesus; and the scripture reads, then they willingly received him into the ship: and "immediately" the ship was at the land whither they went. As we give our attention to the word "IMMEDIATELY", we can see Jesus accelerating their trip! Just as the disciples reached land in a moment, I believe God is accelerating your time to reach your destination! We will be given great and goodly cities we didn't build and live in houses full of all good things which we didn't fill! God will speed up our time! The great Oral Roberts once said, "God will bless us 1000 times more!" Believe and receive your miracle of acceleration!! "Jesus is Lord of all, including time!" ~Pastor Ronald Wilson

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