Sustained Through Transition - 1 Kings 17:2-10

As we submit our efforts and several abilities to dwell in what we behold to be a divided nation, we can truly say our nation is in a pressing time of transition! From political changes to family, educational, medical, media, economics, and many such classifications are just to name a few. Times have certainly changed and it seems as though the change is getting the best of a mass percentage of people; starting with the church! We act as though we don't know the God of transition. Of the many transitions we have already faced, God has always been faithful! After the brook dried up and the ravens flew away, God gave word to Elijiah to get to Zarephath that a widow may SUSTAIN him! He held God at his word and was sustained during and through his time of transition! As our nation has transitioned into new leadership we must hold to God's faithfulness and trust that as he sustained Elijah, he will also sustain us as his children! Be not afraid; only believe! "A temporary transition is no match to an Everlasting God!" ~Pastor Ronald Wilson

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