Value - Matthew 6:19-33

Careers, jobs, family, friends, and sentimental gifts are a few honorable mentions that make the list on the things we value. We can obviously see these things have value in our lives because we consistently make room and time for them. It's simple, if we value it, we will make time for it! In most cases, we place value on those things which are temporal. Here today and gone tomorrow; to leave us empty and broken! In this new year God has graced us to see we must refocus our value on things that rust cannot corrupt neither can any thief steal! Things pertaining to the Kingdom of our Lord! Jesus gave us a clear command when he expressed to us to seek First the Kingdom of God and his righteousness. He also stated where a man's treasure is, there will his heart be also. In order to study the word thoroughly you must place value on it! Always remember what you value you will MAKE TIME for it! "If we really value life, we will invest every minute towards what really matter; the essentials!" ~Pastor Ronald Wilson

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