The First Wrapped Gift - Luke 2:6-7

A countless number of people from all nations and throughout the world are sitting in expectation while anticipating December 25th. Although many have strongly commercialized Christmas we must understand there is yet strong significance to this season!

Before there were any gifts wrapped and placed under trees, there was a gift wrapped and designated to hang on a tree. Upon the birth of Jesus, his mother wrapped him in swaddling clothes and laid him in a manger. The world gave heed and followed out the vision of wrapping gifts.

What Mary started with her son Jesus, the concept of wrapping gifts, is yet in rotation throughout the world! The gift and the idea of wrapping the gift came from God and we are overjoyed that he so loved us that he would not only give us a gift, but that he would wrap the gift and change the world forever!

"God did the wrapping, now we must do the unwrapping!"

~ Pastor Ronald Wilson

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