"Who" and/or "What" Is Your Praise?

In today's society we can evidently see the goodness and faithfulness of our God. God has been good to America and no doubt he will continue to be. America is a blessed nation, however, many Americans live an averse life.

The word praise is derived from the same root word as eulogy, and they both mean "to speak well of". We may not know it, but we praise something or someone everyday. Every time you lift your sickness up, you are speaking well of it. Your cars, homes, children, etc., can all be our praise.

Praising or speaking well of these things above our God has never been the plan of God. God is worthy of our praise! Not the typecast definition of praise we limit God to, but the overall meaning of praise. We define praise as dancing and yelling in church while drums and keyboards are playing. Although this is a form of praise, we praise God more whenever we speak well of him!

Allow God to be your praise!

"Whenever we lift Jesus higher, every other thing instantly becomes lower!" -Pastor Ronald Wilson

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