Plug In and Stay Connected - Psalm 62:11

What if we only had one battery life for our phones? Our use and time on them would be limited and much more respected and appreciated. I'm grateful that's not the case. God has made a recharge accessible to us on a daily basis. All we have to do whenever our phones are low or have died is plug it in a power source. Your phone in itself doesn't have the power. It is only when we plug our phones into a power source that we receive instant power to hold conversation, listen to iTunes, benefit from gameplay, and etc. Without the power, there will be none of the before mentioned. We can now approach the throne of grace boldly to obtain mercy and find grace to help us when needed. God is our source! We are empowered by him when we are plugged in and remain connected to him. Being disconnected from God causes our battery to slowly fade away. Whatever your battery strength is indicating, you can always gain more strength if you will plug in and stay connected! "A life that's connected is a life that's charged!" ~Ronald Wilson

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