Kingdom Economics - John 18:36

For some time now God has been longing to restore His system of economics to the marketplace in every nation on earth. It is a system that will enable families, businesses, governments and nations to flourish because of God’s unprecedented involvement in all aspects of culture and life.

In today's society a great number of minds were trained and shaped into viewing the world only through the lenses they were raised with. Owning this narrow worldview we find ourselves consistently in the seat of worry and anxiety. We are in that seat especially when it comes to worrying about finances. The average citizen may ask; "when will I have enough, when will I make enough, will I make it financially when I retire?"

A word of encouragement; Jesus stated in John 18:36 " ...My kingdom is not of this world:..." Case and point is; if Jesus' Kingdom is not of this world, neither is the economic system that comes along with his Kingdom of this world. In other words, whenever this world experience drought and famine, God's people don't have to be afraid because if we are plugged into his Kingdom we won't be affected!

"We can't experience the power of an outlet unless we are plugged in!" ~Ronald Wilson

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