"U" Matter! - 1 Corinthians 12:18-23

Far too many times in life we feel as though we don't have any necessity or worth. We are grazed by the vibes and vibrations from others that give us the impression that we are not wanted amongst their group or their kind. God is so amazing that when he spoke the world into existence he chose to uphold the world with 26 letters and of course "U" were one of them. "U" were, "U" still are, and "U" will always be salient when it comes to holding the world up. Think about it! If you take "U" out of the alphabet many things that exist today would've never been i.e., uplift, unity, hug, squeeze, uncle, blue, bulb, build, soup, clue, and the list goes on. As you can see without "U" the world would be missing out on a lot. The word of God speaks boldly on this subject as it declares those members of the body that seem to be more feeble are necessary. "U" matter and "U" are very necessary!

"In a dry and arid land the only thing that matter is "U"! ~Pastor Ronald Wilson

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