Rachel Wilson Ministries, Inc.

A faith based non-profit organization specializing in capturing the hearts and lives of women. Bringing forth healing, deliverance, and empowerment through an array of ministry services and outreach programs. These programs and services include, but not limited to life coaching, image and fashion consulting. We also host women, teen, and girls mentoring, as well as national and international women’s conferences and retreats. For more information about Rachel Wilson Ministries, check out our website by clicking here.

Marriage on the Rocks

Why on the Rocks? Our “Rocks” does not imply “trouble” but rather “principles”! Derived from a passage of scripture in Matthew 16:18, where Jesus responds to a great revelation spoken by the disciple Peter. Jesus tells him, “upon this rock I will build my church and the gates of hell will not prevail against it.” We believe if you build your marriage on certain principles, it has a much greater chance of lasting! We also believe what you are standing “ON” is far greater than what you are standing “IN”. In the times that we live in, the enemy has afflicted and warped numerous minds concerning marriage. Therefore, we pour into marriages very often. In addition to our weekly classes, we also offer marriage retreats in February and September of each year. Marriage on the Rocks offer and provide building principles to ensure a firm foundation in today’s marriages! We aim to teach God’s plan for successful marriages. Our target audiences are married couples (one man with one woman); premarital couples (one man and one woman dating with intention of marriage); and marriage crisis (communication barriers, trust/betrayal, separated, etc.).

Girl Talk International/Women’s Ministry

GTI is a faith based organization that empowers and inspires women from all walks of life. GTI help women whom may have been victims of domestic violence, sexual abuse, and other life traumatic experiences to recover, heal, and redevelop their self-worth and self-esteem through the Word of God. For more information about Girl Talk, check our website by clicking here.

G.A.M.E. (Gaining and Maintaining Education)

From Adam until to now, the enemy has always had it out for the male species and doing and has devised schemes and tactics to sabotage man’s position in life…the head.  G.A.M.E. is a fellowship that offers men and boys a place to exhale and receive the plan of God for their lives.

Youth Ministry

In today’s time, our youth are bombarded with diverse temptations. As the enemy attempts to turn up in the lives of our youth, the Youth ministry is dedicated to turning it up all the more for Jesus. We provide classes, training, mentoring, and outings, infused with biblical principles that will help our children develop and grow in Christ. We have classes for all age groups including pre-K, elementary, and secondary students.


Performing Arts Ministry

We minister the Word of God through a variety of unique artistic expressions, to include, women’s liturgical dance, girl’s liturgical dance, dramatic interpretation, youth performing arts ministry, and miming.


Singles Ministry

We believe strongly in helping our singles preserve and prepare themselves for marriage. We provide weekly classes where singles can glean and learn from the victories and trials of Godly married couples so they too can have the marriage that God intended.


Outreach Ministry

From visiting the elderly to feeding the homeless, we express the love of God by caring for others in the community.  The outreach ministry is an extension of God’s hand giving hope and encouragement.


Care Ministry

Caring for the needs of the community and the local church body. Also, we offer support during major life changing events.


Kingdom Institute

In order to spread Kingdom culture, one must be equipped and well trained. We offer weekly classes on an array of topics geared toward advancement of the Kingdom of God. Topics such as: Spiritual & Leadership Development, Biblical Studies, Discipleship, Financial Stewardship, Life Etiquettes, and so much more.


A mentoring program geared toward middle school aged girls. Flavors represents a new generation of young ladies with a new zing and essence. The young ladies who participate in Flavors mentoring may start out salty but after guidance, support, and encouragement they will transform with a new sweet aroma. They will have a new outlook, new hope, new beginning, new dream and most of all...a new flavor for the world to see and taste.