God Is Concerned! - Exodus 2:25 (NIV)

In the midst of a divided nation, a mass percentage of Americans have become self-centered, cold and non-caring! The concern for others is lost! Regardless of the economic challenges and hard times that have befallen upon America, the love of many have undoubtedly waxed cold! God was not only concerned for the Israelites in Egypt, but showed his concern by delivering them from their bondage! In process of time, the king of Egypt died: and the children of Israel sighed by reason of the bondage, and they cried; and thei r cry came up unto God by reason of the bondage. And God heard their groaning, and God remembered his covenant with Abraham, with Isaac, and with Jacob. God heard the groaning

In God We Trust - Psalm 56:11

American history verifies that our nation was founded on Christian principles. Proud of this foundation, America voiced its stand in placing our trust in the true and living God. We were not afraid nor ashamed; it showed as we placed "In God We Trust" on our currency, official documents, and just about every speech given by the key leaders of our nation. Year to date it is obviously seen that our nation's motto and the God we stand for are both under attack. A mass percentage of Americans have chosen to place their trust in man in the stead of trusting God. Let us not faint or grow weary during our nation's moment of transition. Our God cannot and will not be denied! We must stand firm on b

America Still Needs God! - Haggai 2:7

Humanism is a system of thought attaching prime importance to human rather than divine. Humanism teaches that mankind is inherently good (not sinful), that mankind is able to resolve his own problems through the unity of human effort (not through God). In the midst of fear and anxiety; along with a divided nation, God still has great plans for our nation! God is not afraid and He is far from being anxious about the unraveling of our America! Our nation's love for sin has made us unbelievably selfish and complacent and therefore cutoff from reality. God has appointed Jesus as a remedy for the sins and sicknesses of his people, in all nations and the world. Therefore in a blatantly defian

God Will Always Do What's Right - Genesis 18:23-25

God had informed Abraham about his plans to destroy Sodom. Abraham's reply was, "Perhaps fifty righteous persons shall be found therein. Wilt thou also destroy the righteous with the wicked. This be far from thee to destroy the righteous with the wicked. Shall not the Judge of all the earth do right?" Here Abraham plainly brings God's character into focus. Abram now brings God under obligation to follow out his nature and do what's right! In this life we will all experience transition. This transition can also be defined as process. It's in the process that people are sharpened or quit altogether. No matter what we go through in life we can be encouraged to know that God will always do wh

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