"U" Matter! - 1 Corinthians 12:18-23

Far too many times in life we feel as though we don't have any necessity or worth. We are grazed by the vibes and vibrations from others that give us the impression that we are not wanted amongst their group or their kind. God is so amazing that when he spoke the world into existence he chose to uphold the world with 26 letters and of course "U" were one of them. "U" were, "U" still are, and "U" will always be salient when it comes to holding the world up. Think about it! If you take "U" out of the alphabet many things that exist today would've never been i.e., uplift, unity, hug, squeeze, uncle, blue, bulb, build, soup, clue, and the list goes on. As you can see without "U" the world wo

God Has A Mind Full of You - 1 Kings 19:51-21

Without warning or any preliminary visitation, Elisha's life was minutes away from shifting from an ordinary plowman into an extraordinary prophet. The transitional thought begins in the mind of God when he commands Elijiah to anoint Elisha the son of Shaphat to be his successor. This implies to us that no matter where we are in life, God has us on his mind. At the time Elisha was a young man overseeing an arduous task being found with twelve yoke of oxen. In an arid time, which seemed as though Elisha wasn't on anyone's mind, God was thinking about him! God was thinking immeasurably beyond Elisha's next feeding of the oxen to the feeding of a nation. You may be the furthest thought in

God Has Not Forgot ! - Genesis 30:1-23

Rachel was beautiful, Rachel was favored, Rachel was preferred, but Rachel was barren! Have you ever felt as if you had so many great things going for you, however that one thing that seemed to be going against you carried the most weight in your life? If your answer is yes, you should have an awareness of how Rachel felt. The very thing that she desired above beauty was a lively fertile womb. That's life! There are some that have the corporate job, living in the suburbs, driving the luxury automobiles but have an immobilized child. On the reverse there are those with healthy children but struggling to attain a minimum wage paying job and are living underneath a bridge or an overly crowded p

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